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Nine Films (Blu-Ray) (Out Of Stock)


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This high definition Blu-Ray Disc includes 9 short features:

  • Almost Gone (20:36)
  • The Papermill (04:18)
  • Abuse and Neglect (07:40)
  • The Lost Junkyard (01:25)
  • Coal's Kingdom (06:45)
  • The Machine Shop (02:10)
  • Fonthill (02:47)
  • The Mill Where Time Stood Still (03:22)
  • Necropolis (03:42)
Plus six bonus featurettes
  • Steel: A Symphony of Industry
  • A Call of Conscience (Pennhurst)
  • Marc Reed's Paintings
  • Occupy Wall St.
  • Glen Cairn Arms
  • Lake Scenes
...and comes with an illustrated 12 page booklet!