Paintings and Drawings

I love the American industrial landscape. I love the natural landscape too, but let's face it: it's been done. It would be hard to add to, much less improve upon, what artists have been able to do thus far with traditional landscape painting. So I rarely bother. The American industrial landscape however, is still relatively undiscovered as a painting genre.

While traditional landscape painting is truly timeless, industrial landscape painting is very much set in a particular time and place. To me, art should say something about an artist's life and time. Consider that I live in New Jersey, so I feel that to suggest that I live in a world surrounded by lush greenery and crystal waters would be a lie. To be true to my art, I could choose to paint shopping malls, housing developments, retail franchise establishments or decaying factories. So I choose the factories. I don't do it to be cynical or present some negative view of the world. I really do consider them to be curious and beautiful structures - much more appealing than your average Walmart, McDonalds or Home Depot.

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