Glen Cairn Arms

At a fairly busy intersection in a rundown New Jersey city sits an abandoned, dilapidated apartment complex.  Its story is familiar: swanky 1920s-era apartment complex devolves over time into squalid ghetto tenement.  City takes it over, shuts it down, then lets it rot for 20 years.  I had to check this place out.  As expected, it was a homeless squat.  My first trip there was pleasant - only the faint rustling of a few homeless behind closed doors.  I was courteous and careful not to disturb them.  During my second trip here (slightly warmer weather) it was more like a homeless convention with people shouting at me and other weird occurances.  I opted not to make a third trip.

I initially wanted to make one of my time-lapse movies of this place.  But getting a time-lapse shot involves setting up a camera and time-lapse rig then going away for an hour while it does its thing.  Due to the numbers of inhabitants here, I never felt comfortable just leaving a camera alone on a tripod, so I never got the footage here I wanted and the video was never completed (I eventually threw together what pathetic little I had and put it on YouTube to join the other masses of UE video fodder).  Still, the place made for some interesting exploring, photography and stories.  Enjoy!

UPDATE: This place is finally demolished.

Glen Cairn Arms
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Lived in Glen Cairn with two roommates as a TCNJ college student in 77 78. Price was right and imagining what the place was like in its hey day intrigued me - as did the old timers who still lived there. Steak and Egg Kitchen across the street - always hoppin. Scary high crime but great memories!
Eliezer Montes10/19/2019
Lived here in the 80s as a kid, so many good memories. Thanks for the amazing photos
Jeff Solimando10/03/2019
Hi Marc! I do a picture feature for the Trentonian each week. On Oct. 11, I'm featuring a few pics I took of the demolition, and will also include this link to your amazing pictures. I'll credit you by name. Very nice!!
Thank you for these sad pics. I lived there on the 3rd floor of the west most tower from Jun 1970 to January 1973. Mostly old people then, we were newlyweds and i was working at McGuire AFB.
Mary R Walker07/21/2019
Wow, thank you. I used to live around the corner and each time I passed the Glen Cairn, my curiousity increased. Wish there were more photos but I'm very grateful for these.