My name is Marc Reed. I'm a painter, photographer, film maker, animator, web designer and developer, illustrator, casual trespasser, home improvement afficionado, wine maker, hiker, paddler and father - not necessarily in that order. As long as you're here take a look around. There's lots to see - such as...

Photography and Video

The inspiration for my photo and video work is the same as for my paintings. I am drawn to the derelict vestiges of America's mighty yesteryear. These places are just echoes now. They belong to yesterday and won't be around tommorrow.
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Painting is still my one true love. For years I showed my work in galleries but other pressures have recently made me take a hiatus. But I am working on a new body of work so in the words of MacArthur "I shall return". So please don't give up on me.
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Yeah, writing. It's kind of new for me so I'm not going to get too fancy with it. Just straight-forward stuff, and fairly random. Pretty much whatever strikes me at any given time.
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