Breaking Fate Entertainment

Film makers beware of this festival, as it is my opinion that it is a fake.

I had my film Necropolis accepted to this festival in 2015. Naturally I was excited and eager to help provide materials to the festival director, Willy Adkins of Breaking Fate Entertainment.  It was my experience that the festival director get in touch with the film makers and provide a timeline of deliverables and other information, but I never received this kind of email.  My attempts to contact Willy Adkins went unanswered.  The Festival website and Facebook page had ceased being updated.  As the proposed festival date drew closer I visited Breaking Fate's Facebook page and was surprised to see they had posted a venue in Gettysburg PA for their festival! But soon after I received the only email I had gotten up to that point: an email from Willy Adkins saying he was cancelling the festival due to "lack of support". As if it was somebody else's fault his festival could not happen! Refunds for the film makers were not offered.

To me, it was pretty obvious the entire festival was a scam.  Comments on Breaking Fate's Facebook page had even been disabled probably due to too many angry comments from film makers.  I felt insulted and spent the next few weeks constantly harrassing Willy - and whatever other members of Breaking Fate Entertainment Company I could find - into giving me a refund.  It took weeks of constant harrassment but finally Willy Adkins gave me my submission fee back.

Then, to my total surprise, a couple months later Breaking Fate posted festival awards on their website!  Although nothing had been posted at all about rescheduling the cancelled festival, Breaking Fate was announcing awards!  I was so confused by this I contacted some of the "award winners" many of whom  acknowledged that they also thought the festival was cancelled were not in attendance (although some film makers were still happy to take the fake award and post it on their Facebook wall etc).

So that was my experience with Willy Adkins and Breaking Fate Entertainment.  If you have any similar stories please share them in the comments section below!  Have a great day! 

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